Teaching English as a Lingua Franca

Reihe: Delta Teacher Development Series

The journey from EFL to ELF

Teacher's book

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Teaching English as a Lingua Franca is an authoritative analysis of why and how English is used as an international language – and an argument for teaching it differently. It is the result of both academic investigation and practical experience, but, above all, of the conviction that a change is necessary. The authors reformulate EFL (English as a Foreign Language) as ELF (English as a Lingua Franca) – the way language is now used and will be used in the future – hoping to effect a serious shift in our
pedagogy and practice.

The book aims to:

  • help teachers understand the concept of English as a Lingua Franca;
  • help learners to operate as users of English as a global language;
  • provide opportunities to move towards a new approach to ELT.

Autoren: Marek Kiczkowiak, Robert J. Lowe

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